It’s the relationship that heals   Existential therapist, Irvin Yalom

Life presents us with a huge variety of challenges that, at times, can feel intensely isolating, overwhelming and painful.  Sometimes there are clear triggers for the way we feel – like a bereavement or relationship difficulties or work/exam pressures – but at other times we might not be aware of why we’re feeling or behaving a certain way.

In either event, experiencing a loss, a crisis or a challenging time can generate a range of emotions that leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed or depressed and exhausted.

Anxiety and depression often compound our sense of aloneness in a crisis and makes it difficult for us to see a way through.

Counselling and psychotherapy offers a safe, confidential space and a secure, supportive relationship within which you can explore your situation and express yourself in ways that can be harder to do with friends and family.  It provides an opportunity for us to work together in supporting and fulfilling your needs during difficult times.  That may involve emotional stabilising and restorative work or it may be working through grief or possibly exploring and identifying outmoded coping strategies that have become more of a hindrance than a help.

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling or therapy, I offer a meaningful and transformative way of working that is tailored to meet and fulfil your particular needs at this time in your life.

I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist.

I offer one hour sessions from my home practice in Esher, Surrey.

Currently, I offer face-to-face or online counselling via Zoom or Skype.

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