Bereavement and loss

The counsellor’s task is not to help the bereaved give up their relationship with the deceased but to help find an appropriate place for the dead in their emotional lives – a place that will enable them to go on living effectively in the world.   – William Worden

Bereavement is the physical loss of someone that we love or are close to.  I have worked within a number of hospice settings and have extensive experience of working with loss.

Bereavement is often a time when we experience a variety of strong reactions and emotions which can be overwhelming, painful and hard to make sense of.

I can provide a warm, secure relationship for exploring difficult emotions and working through grief during this, often, very difficult time.

But we can also experience loss in relation to many other situations such as relationship breakdown, loss of a job, life-stage transitions (in which we experience the loss of former roles and identities), empty-nest syndrome and many more……

My experience of working with bereavement has given me an insight into a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, anger issues, addiction, OCD, career transition and identity crises.