Working with Amanda has been the best decision and commitment to myself I’ve ever made. The process has been challenging at times while I tackled some very sad memories, however I cannot begin to explain the feeling of comfort and security in doing this alongside somebody as skilled, caring and compassionate as Amanda. 

Amanda encouraged me to take my journey at my own pace which was vital for uncovering memories which may not want to be confronted. Her capabilities and our incredible relationship filled me with confidence as I am able to apply my learnings to daily life and tackle some difficult parallels. 

Now, at the end of our process (for now), I could not speak any more highly of both the journey and of Amanda. Her warmth, patience, empathy and kindness towards me has been life changing. I am so grateful to myself for making this decision and so grateful to Amanda for changing my life.

From the first session, Amanda was kind, insightful and completely committed to entering my world, even when I wasn’t sure exactly what I was feeling.

She encouraged me to be curious and compassionate about myself and I felt I could trust her implicitly.

I genuinely felt the value and supportive nature of our relationship and because Amanda regularly reinforced what we talked about and provided me with resources to use outside of our sessions, I could continue our work myself with her voice and guidance ‘in my ear’. …  I had heard about the concept of unconditional positive regard and with Amanda, I was fortunate to experience it and benefit from the sense of worth it gave me.  Thank you, Amanda.

I know counselling is not for everyone but I feel it definitely helped me talking to someone I did not know as I felt they would not judge me.  It felt great to get it all out, although it was painful at times.  Amanda was warm, caring and very kind.  I felt she genuinely cared about me.  She helped me to see things differently and how to put things in perspective.  Sometimes I would cry but I always felt better afterwards.  I really needed someone to listen to me and she definitely did that.

I was a long term client of Amanda Royle. …  I received excellent and caring support from Amanda during what has been a very challenging period. …  I greatly appreciated the extended nature of that support. …  I think the establishment of a long-term therapeutic relationship, based on a deeper knowledge and insight of the client by the therapist, has really helped me ‘progress’ over time.

I was introduced to Amanda as I had recognised that I needed help, even though I was very unsure as to what to expect from counselling.

Amanda helped me, through our weekly meetings, to open up and discuss my feelings, and both the positives and the negatives of coping with my bereavement.  She encouraged me to understand and recognise myself and my feelings through a number of different methods.

She was never judgemental but did help me to reflect on my past relationships … and to move away from such phrases as “everything was my fault” and “I could have done better”.

Today, I am definitely a different person who does not always blame herself for everything.  Amanda’s calm and caring but professional approach has been a massive help to me in moving forward and on with my life.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needed help and would most definitely contact her again for my own personal needs.

She gave me a rewarding and uplifting experience.  Words I would use to describe her:

  • Caring
  • Thought-provoking
  • Non-judgmental
  • Professional

A long journey we went through together, which Amanda genuinely lived your pain and hurt.  Helped me in several phases of grieving with impeccable timing of different counselling techniques.

A truly amazing experience at a very difficult time, as I was a person who didn’t appreciate counselling as an option.

A very knowledgeable inspiring counsellor who helped me understand grieving and the associated inner body functions.