How can counselling help?

To my mind, empathy is in itself a healing agent.  It is one of the most potent aspects of therapy, because it releases, it confirms, it brings even the most frightened client into the human race.  If a person is understood, he or she belongs.   – Carl Rogers

My integrative and holistic framework places an important emphasis on working towards re-connection to ourselves, our bodies, our social systems and our lives.

I see the therapeutic relationship as the fundamental bedrock for growth and healing and believe that having a secure arena in which to safely explore difficult feelings and emotions allows us to feel truly understood, heard, valued, and accepted.

Building connection with a therapist should allow for re-connection with our selves and others in new ways and to look at things from a variety of perspectives.

As an integrative, relational therapist I can draw from a range of therapeutic models and theories and support you in a variety of ways appropriate to your particular needs.

Whilst my approach takes into account a person’s history, their survival styles and patterns of behaviour, it generally emphasises working in the present moment to explore and build on individual capacities, strengths and resilience.  This can help clients re-build the necessary resources to move through painful feelings without being submerged or overwhelmed by them.  It allows clients to work in ‘present time’, at their own pace and to move forward in new, restorative and constructive ways.

I have experience of working with a range of issues including:

  •    Anxiety
  •    Depression
  •    Stress
  •    Trauma
  •    Bereavement/Loss
  •    Chronic illness
  •    Anger Management
  •    Dementia
  •    Relationships
  •    Sexuality Issues
  •    Body Dysmorphia
  •    Obsessive compulsive Disorder
  •    Carers

I can offer short and long-term counselling, Zoom or Skype sessions or ‘Woodland Walk and Talk’ in the beautiful surroundings of Esher Common.