Originating in Eastern traditions, Mindfulness practice is increasingly being recognised as a valuable psychotherapeutic tool.  In general terms, mindfulness involves paying attention to our ‘here and now’, ‘moment to moment’ experiences; listening to ourselves, our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in new and active ways that allow for personal growth, healing and transformation.

I offer Mindfulness techniques and practices within my psychotherapeutic work or I can offer one-to-one Mindfulness sessions that include neuroscientific research and information into the benefits of Mindfulness.  I can also offer courses of 6 or 12 sessions to those wanting to develop a deeper level, on-going practice.

One-off sessions or courses include the following principles and objectives:

·         Introduction to Mindfulness of Breathing – Formal and Informal practices and Techniques – Meditations to suit your individual needs.

·         Understanding the brain – Neuroscience and scientifically backed benefits of Mindfulness.  Exploration of further Mindfulness practices to develop deep relaxation and heightened awareness.

·         Introduction to the 3 minute meditation, the Body Scan and ‘Focusing Technique’.

·         The Mind-Body Connection – How the body represents our unconscious mind – ‘Urge Surfing’.

·         Autopilot and the Negativity Bias – How increasing deeper awareness heightens ability to control our default ‘negativity-bias’ and ‘auto-pilot’ system.

·         Mindful Movement Practices.