About me

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I have an MA in integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy and a degree in Sociology.

I come from an artistic/theatrical background and worked as an actor for thirty years prior to completing my MA.  I believe we’re all creative in a variety of everyday ways and that creativity and imagination provide powerful tools for growth and healing.

Acting for me was, in certain ways, a form of drama-therapy which culminated in my gravitational career shift towards psychotherapy.  My own therapeutic journey has been exciting and transformative.  I am testimony to the benefits of therapy and our ability to change, grow and become more fully attuned to our authentic needs and self.  But we are ever-changing and ever-growing……

I see my experience as an actor as having provided a helpful foundation for my work as a therapist as the parallels between ‘being’ another person when acting and ‘being with’ another person when working with a client are not so far apart; both require an emotional sensitivity and vocabulary, a love of communication, a fascination with human behaviour and an empathic ability to stand in the shoes of another in order to understand their unique situation and experiences.  My love of acting was rooted, I believe, in a simultaneous quest for self-discovery and an exploration of my fictional characters’ inner worlds, their emotional conflicts and truths.

My psychotherapeutic training now allows me to draw from my acting experience and fascination with human nature in facilitating my clients’ explorations into their own inner-worlds and emotional truths.

Some of my former professional experience includes work as an RSPCA veterinary nurse, a film-make artist, an actor, a holistic physical therapist, a project worker with disadvantaged young adults and a bereavement counsellor.

I practice in accordance with the BACP’s ethical framework for practice that includes commitment to confidentiality and respect of clients’ diverse and individual needs.

My fees are £60 per session. (Rates are negotiable – discounts are offered to students, those on low income and benefits.)