Working with trauma and PTSD

Somatic Mindfulness integrates the established ancient understanding of mindfulness with twenty-first century knowledge of nervous system regulation.   – Laurence Heller & Aline Lapierre

Many of us have experienced trauma of one type or another during our lives.  It may relate to an identifiable cause such as an accident or a bereavement or to an ‘event’ of some kind that is impacting on our lives, in a variety of ways, and proving difficult to move through.

Emotional and physical problems may also be rooted in unidentifiable events linked with birth trauma, early developmental or attachment disturbances.  Having no obvious explanation as to why we are suffering can lead to further emotional disruption and cycles of anxiety or depression.

In the light of scientific advancements and knowledge about our mind-body relationship, new frameworks for working with trauma and PTSD have been developed that take into account the ways we store, organise, regulate and remember experiences and emotions in our brains and nervous systems.

I offer an integrative, relational approach that incorporates ‘Somatic Experiencing’ as an effective technique for working with various traumatic experiences.  SE focusses less on the ‘why’ or cause of our experiencing and more on the ‘here-and-now’, physical and emotional manifestations of it.  The approach supports biological completion and discharge of unresolved survival energies or fight-flight-freeze responses.  It is a step-by-step process that treats fundamental shock trauma and nervous system dysregulation whilst simultaneously encouraging emotional growth and understanding.